The Way

The way to Belmore Falls.

A relaxed start to the day, wake up, yoga, shower, dressed, coffee & breakfast and off to meet Greg Eckles at his place for a little road trip down to Bowral. During this time we ponder the beauty of this waterfall we've heard of, a beautiful surreal flow from the tops of a great cliff to the bottom of a deep, green valley. Neither of us sure of how to get there... Not knowing what is in store for us. As a plan B, we always have the abandoned brewery ;)

We delight ourselves on discussions of possible future shoots... in abandoned mansions, villages, houses, hospitals... But not asylums. Cause fuck that. A moment later we pass an old, decaying bus on the side of the road. Our eyes shine as we meet exalted gazes, with a knowing look of "on the way back we are definitely stopping there."

Arriving at the falls we come to find there is no direct path to this waterfall, we are quite a way away on a viewing platform, our minds intent on figuring out the way down to the water. We can see the falls and god are they beautiful. Cascading veil of pure mist and clear waters falling from a narrow cliff point, forming a pool beneath. The falls continue, with at least 3 platforms of pooled water before reaching the end and forming a quiet creek.

We decide to wing it. A couple of tourists are walking up, looking a little dismayed... We inquire whether they know how any more than we do. With disappointed looks they reveal there is a path a few metres ahead - unmarked - but the steepness and intensity of the climb was too much for them and they had to turn back.

With what I must admit was a little hesitance on my part, we begin the trail. Realising quite quickly where the intensity lay. The path was minimally tread, each step must be carefully calculated, using all four limbs to step, grab, slide, hold... I decide now is the time to remove the first piece of clothing. My shoes. With bare feet, allowing me to feel the earth beneath me and with confidence find my footing on mother natures belly, we continue. As we move - the scenery evolves... or de-volves? Into something far more prehistoric looking. The rocks become huge - the roots of the trees seem to breathe, expanding out through the earth, erupting as a mass of twisted turns. The earth is wet, we can hear her. The water rumbles, tumbles down from above as finally we wander into a clearing. We see her. The true expression of earth's strength. Falling water - the giver of life - falling with ferocity into a pool of crystal clear waters. Surrounding her resting place are stones, naturally formed shapes & caves. The perfect spot to get naked and shoot some beautiful images.

Unfortunately for us, a group of people arrive moments after we prepare to take our positions. A young couple and... an older woman with... her tiny dog... We look at each other in disbelief. There is no way in hell that old woman and her dog trekked down the same way we did... The realisation washes over us that indeed there was another, easier, more civilised way to access the falls. I can only speak for myself, but I was in no way dismayed, in fact, I felt triumphant in the fact that we came the renegade way.

Finally our uninvited company left - leaving us to explore the slippery rocks and where we could stand without tumbling to our deaths. Thankfully neither of us fell, although there were moments of gripping fear as we caught ourselves just in time to forgo a nasty fall.

As I stood upon the cold, wet rocks, the falls bellowing behind me, wind blowing all directions, lifting my make-shift wings and blessing me with the fantasy of flight - I stood with grace, a confidence and feeling of coming home deep within my heart. My mind was calm, resting in a place of serenity. My body moved, eyes ablaze with energy, I felt the goddess enter me. She fueled my expressions, she inspired my movements & awakened my senses to the divinity of all life. I felt at home. Like one can only feel when alone with oneself. I was home.

The moment had to end, I had to come back into the reality of now. A quick snap back to the fact my feet were fucking freezing and I could not feel my toes. Thank god I brought my modelling towel, a little towel used precisely for drying small parts of the body. We dried our feet - we put our shoes on - we clambered back up the crazy cliff.

By the time we reached the car, our legs, glutes, thighs, all lower parts of the body were throbbing with pain. We sat in the car, high-fived because we're dope and breathed a sigh of relief, satisfaction & gratitude for the awesomeness we just created.

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