I am a very sexual being. This is not a present realisation upon a first meeting with me. I seem quiet, reserved, possibly even frigid. Is this a mask I place upon my beating heart to protect her from predators? From villains looking for weaker prey? Possibly. It brings out in people the superior force, their side of possessive obsession that is so plainly obvious, making them oblivious to fact that I see them. I see you. I know you. You are a narcissist. Obsessed with possession. A picker of flowers who then watches them wilt and die. My mechanism of personal protection leaves some confused, shocked, sometimes broken - hearted. Only for a brief moment, until they submit themselves to an inner introspection which becomes a road, a journey to a deeper self-realisation. Do I do this with vehemence? Maybe, on a subconscious level. This is my awakening. My realisation. My coming home to myself and my patterns. Learning, adjusting, re-arranging the pieces to create a picture that brings joy to this vagabond heart.

If I were to be honest, I'd let you know

I crave to surrender to His flow

To open myself, each layer, peeled aside

As I reveal myself, nothing to hide

Thick moist lips pulsing with each tender kiss

Widened eyes roll back in sweet ecstacy

Open me my darling and enter my realm

Quivering skin

I feel you

I allow you

I become you

Bodies entwined

Drinking in the sweet nectar of ecstatic gaze

Moving slowly as One

A sweet harmony

Reunion of long forgotten jems

I have never known a sweeter love

As I fall in exhaustion

Praising your luminescent light

As it pours into me

You have truly entered me

I am the holder

Keeper of your greatest treasure

As you confess your deepest loving truth to me.