Losing Myself

Re-creating from the dust. 

Is this my fate? 

to continually destroy the self I once knew?

Drifting memories 

Fading to ashes

As the burnt-up, broken

Bits of who I thought I was

Fall chaotically amongst the sandy shores of reality

Tumultuous waves crashing, pulling, pushing

Take me away 

Sweet ocean

Let me play in your waters

Free from the hold of humanity

Why must I be somebody?

How often must I remind myself of who I ought to be?

When all I so wish to do is dance amongst the daisies,

Reflecting the beauty of all the world

Back at your dreamy eyes.

Dance with me, lovers

Forget your place for just one moment

As we sway beneath the sunlight


Hearts bared to the world


Fearless and in love

Drunk in ecstacy

Divinely guided 

To drink in the nectar of life

With each passionate kiss

of the moons gentle rays.

We are healed

We are wild

We are beautiful.

Dance with me, lovers

As we throw our masks to the sea

and play with the waves 

as daughters of the rain.

Coming home

Held again.