Hidden Treasures

Do not hide away from the quiet place,

Which beckons ever so softly.

Fall back into your own wisdom,

Dive deep into it's murky depths,

Until pearly gates like welcoming arms open,

Protected by a reptile, with voice so loud, it stops us in our tracks.

My loves, a vast cave of infinite treasures and glowing gems lays hidden within

Yet, this thing speaks from fear and foreboding,

Draw our attention away from the sparkling, mysterious world of creativity

To gather our thoughts and turn them to mundane things, the most same of the things that tells our feet to stand, our blood to pump, our human to stay safe, remain in the known.

To slay the dragon is not our course, to kill it would make a hell of a mess, it would be murdering our humanness.

This creature with its shimmering skin, is the one who calls us to look within,

It contains the wisdom to direct where these precious stones will throw. It's fiery breath is your tool to burn away that which keeps you caged within, bars made of doubt, blame, victimisation.

Allow the burning flames to demolish your ego sense of credibility, your ability is just to be open to that which is ever present.

Rise from the ashes of your destroyed self, the first act of divine creation.

Be willing to forget anything you've known before, it is the wave of the great unknown which you are riding now.

Your heart will guide your way

Trust that subtle voice within.