Stay Humbled

It’s quite easy to stay humbled

To profess love for divine beings

But how willing can I be

To open my heart

Spread my enormous angelic wings

and bow to my own divine light?

That is where the answer lies.

I am humbled by my own grace.

Golden rain pours down my head, to my feet.

For I Am the light which shines forth and dreams

Into existence a world where love rules.

Home is revealing itself,

As I slowly peel back the layers of conditioning, self-doubt…

My true nature reveals it’s holy self.

Intend to know heaven within you.

Allow your body to be that temple of God.

Then, as the holy light of all that is, finds it’s home within you,

Shine it’s divine presence through those mystic eyes,

Let your hands become instruments of Love,

Your words cast spells of Truth

Your thoughts flow directly to eternal Grace.