As the new year comes upon us we are forced to take a moment to reflect on who we are, why we are and how we can be better or, rather, more integrated with our deepest truths and most natural desires.

We all have ideas or dreams within us that tickle our hearts and light up our minds to new and strange potentials and possibilities.

We play with these notions throughout our life and some ignite into fires of true passion which then become the fuel of our existence.

Following these momentous sparks into the darkness of uncertainty, doubt and sometimes fear can open up doors we never knew existed.

There is literally nothing in this world to fear.

You are greater and more divine than you can even comprehend.

That is your birth right as a sovereign being.

We are love before we are born, while we are here and when we die, there is no separation and any separation we experience is a mere illusion.

But you will come to know this with time.

For now, reflect.

Find the parts of you that may have been left in the darkness, shine a light on them and show them love.

Anything within you that scares you or seems unknown, can be, SHOULD be brought into the light, not stuffed down into darkness, so that it may be loved with all your sacred heart.

I love you. Happy new year.