Fragments of Reality

We all wish that we would be brave,

In that moment where our heart slips from it's place, resting safely.

We rehearse in our minds eye over and over how strong we would be,

How we would look confrontation dead in the eye

Our chest would enlarge - acting as armour for our broken heart,

We would face it head on with this secret strength that's been hiding inside,

Waiting precisely for this moment to make itself known...

The truth is, we rehearse it so much in our heads

Secretly hoping if we do it enough,

We will never have to face it in reality.

Because, in reality, we're no more than lost children,

Orphans in the land of the wicked led by the weak,

Too afraid to expose our true wonderful power of heart-felt beauty,

Concerned we may be thrown out of the prison we trap our-selves in purely to keep out the angry hearts of those who've been hurt too much.

The one's who loved so much it hurt.

We are hiding from ourselves

Behind double-sided mirrors

Wishing we could see the other side

Without being seen ourselves.