Eternal Emptiness

Blossoming dance within my soul

Release yourself into divine expression...

Spiral into existence

Breathe each moment

Come alive again

As our hearts pound

Toes tap gently on the ground

We release and dance the day into night

The bellowous moon mirrors the light of the sun

The soft touch of skin on skin

Illuminated by her gentle glow.

Eyes sparkle with romance

We fall to the earth

Hand in hand

The ground seems to shift beneath us

As if the world is turning

Yet we are caught in time

In this moment

A memory upon the shores of the galaxies.

The void beckons in its delicate way

A spiraling cosmic wave of dust

We stare into it's deep waters

Our breath catches in our throat

As we kiss with all the passion in the universe

Our feet,

For one brief moment,

Hover above the earth

We are propelled into eternal emptiness...