Being tied, a physical restraint, allows the spirit a sweet freedom.

A surrender from having to figure anything out.

You are giving yourself over to the power of Trust.

Laying open and naked in front of God.

Unafraid of the racing thoughts polluting your purest state of mind.

The body becomes a prison when all actions are re-actions. Formed from a brain-washed youth,

An inability to switch the channel. A need to feel seen and worthy.

Take away the able-ness to fidget or distract yourself in any way...

All that lingers are the depths of your mind.

The real you.

Uncover it.

The body is a paradise when explored with intention, with love, patience, sensuality.

Our bodies are tickets to freedom and surrender.

Taste it on your tongue, wet with curiosity, the soft lavender brushes past searching lips, bringing gentle rise to calm knowing.

Your heart knows.