Caught in a Moment of Bliss

Another set-back, with my (second) instagram account being deleted sent me into a space of unknown. I have been here many times, for many different reasons, yet, it never ceases to completely annihilate me, strip me of all I thought I was, burning away in the fire of truth anything that is not the absolute bones, the core of my being.

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Stay Humbled

Golden rain pours down my head, to my feet.

For I Am the light which shines forth and dreams

Into existence a world where love rules.

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We are love before we are born, while we are here and when we die, there is no separation and any separation we experience is a mere illusion.

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Eternal Emptiness

The void beckons in it's delicate way

A spiraling cosmic wave of dust

We stare into it's deep waters

Our breath catches in our throat

As we kiss with all the passion in the universe

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Taste it on your tongue, wet with curiosity, the soft lavender brushes past searching lips, bringing gentle rise to calm knowing.

Your heart knows.

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The Way

The rocks become huge - the roots of the trees seem to breathe, expanding out through the earth, erupting as a mass of twisted turns

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Behind the Water Goddess

There is a joy within the deepest part of the human mind that becomes thrilled and inspired, ignited by a passion, a desire to create something out of nothing. This is what I live for.
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