My passion for modelling has been a constant theme throughout my life, starting as a child talent starring in commercials and magazines, I learnt a lot about the media industry and became incredibly comfortable in front of the camera. Unfortunately the pressure of the industry to be "perfect" got to me and I left, when I was 15 I developed eating disorders and self-harm techniques as a means to cope with the feeling of being "imperfect".

I decided late 2016 that I needed to get back on track with my self love. After falling in love with moving my body in yoga & dance, eating clean & being mindful - there was still a part of me that needed to be expressed, to be seen. I wanted to get back into modelling, but this time I'd do it my way.

Sass Kia is the representation of my love for human expression, our inner nature and the most pure form of art.

I love getting down in nature, climbing trees, getting covered in dirt and scratches to get that epic shot. I'm extremely flexible thanks to years of yoga & circus and just find my bliss in dancing, posing and making beautiful concepts come to life through images.